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Focus Personalised Coaching Centre

Creating a caring environment according to the individual needs

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Complete and Extensive Coverage of Syllabus

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Come Join Focus Personalised Coaching Centre And See The Difference.

Focus Personalised Coaching Centre Has Been Setup To Open New Frontiers Of Knowledge And Skills.

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Why Join Focus Coaching Centre?

  • Personalised teaching based on providing individual attention
  • Excellent conceptual clarity
  • Improvised teaching methodology
  • Focus on in-depth understanding
  • Non reliance on bookish knowledge
  • Our focus is on expansion of knowledge
  • Complete and extensive coverage of syllabus
  • One to one doubt clearing and brain storming sessions
  • Comprehensive study material and innovative techniques
  • Use of audio visual technology to enhance learning
  • Engaging parents in monitoring their child's progress
  • Securing student’s achievement through regular revisions and challenging assignments
  • Inculcating the habit of self study which proves to be a boon for clearing any competitive examination

Our Achievers

'Hard work never goes unrewarded', and believing in the same I work really hard to achieve good results and along with the hard work you also need complete guidance for that hard work. Focus Coaching Centre provided me with the same.
- Lovepreet Kaur

I am really thankful to Focus Coaching Centre for providing me the required guidance and fulfilling my dream of excelling in exams.
- Navneet Singh

Being a girl, I was not allowed to travel a lot for attending different tuitions, so Focus Coaching Centre was a great hope for me and I am really thankful to the experienced and dedicated staff which helped me in clarifying all my doubts and assisted me in grasping all the relevant topics. Instead of wasting my time in going from one tuition centre to another, I was able to devote more time in studies and hence always got good results in the exams. My heartfelt thanks to Focus Coaching Centre.
- Puneet Kaur

I am glad to share that Focus Coaching Centre provides a very cosy, congenial and comfortable learning environment with competent and admirable teachers who have the ability to connect with the students in such a way that learning becomes effortless and enjoyable. And the results are obviously outstanding and matchless. I recommend everyone to join this centre and confidently achieve amazing results.
- Maneel Kaur

I have enjoyed studying in 'Focus Coaching Centre' because all the concepts are explained thoroughly laying proper emphasis on clearance of minutest details with precision which is certainly not possible in other coaching centres where students are taught in large groups just like in a classroom. The personal coaching provided in Focus really helped in dispeling my fears, overcoming my problems and acquiring good results. The personal attention and supervision I got resulted in enhancing my concentration and improving my performance.
- R.S. Grewal

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    Nabha Office: Chacha market, Hira Mahal, Nabha
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